In order to have at least a partial answer we would need to know how the
pageviews relate to actual database traffic I assume? That would explain
Google and I do not know whether there are any other services worldwide
that use the datastram without actually displaying pages.


2018-01-23 11:55 GMT+01:00 Anders Wennersten <>:

> We are seeing a steady decrease of page views to our projects (Wikipedia).
> Nov-Dec-Jan it is decreasing in a rate of 5-10% (year-year), and for big
> languages like Japanese,  Spanish close to 10%, or some months even more
> [1]
> Is there any insights of why this is so? Could it be that Google take over
> accesses with their ever better way of showing results direct  (but then
> also with showing extracts of Wikipedia articles) . Or that our interface
> on mobiles is inferior so we miss accesses from mobiles (now being 54% of
> total). Or horror of horror that users look for facts on all new sites with
> fake news instead of Wikipedia?
> Anders
> [1]
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