On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 7:11 PM, Renée Bagslint <reneebagsl...@gmail.com>

> The list can be summarised as
>    - Spend more on staff
>    - Spend more on chapters
>    - Get more money
>    - Get more money
>    - Get more money

   - Spend more money
> We notice that such minor matters as produce more content, produce better
> content, support content contributors, disseminate knowledge more widely,
> find new ways of curating and disseminating knowledge, ... are not on the
> agenda.

 Hi Renée,

Thank you for your email.

They totally are on the agenda!

This statement was really focused on how we ressource in our movement. The
Strategic Direction (
) that were created with the different communities go exactly in thos

This statement is an aknowledgement that the directions we all crafted
together might need additional ressourcing. That is something that is going
to be worked on in the coming month.

We maybe should have said that clearer at the beginning of the statement.

Have a very good day :)
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