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> I am sad to inform you that today Krzysztof Machocki (user:Halibutt) has
> passed away. With his passing our community loses a brilliant and
> passionate Wikimedian and Wikimedia Polska loses a valued spokeperson. But
> what is the most important - many of us lose a beloved, beloved friend.
> Krzysztof was known for his joy and passion. For his faith in how Wikipedia
> makes the world better.
> We lose him but let us not lose that faith.
> There is a memorial page on Polish Wikipedia. You can leave your
> condolences there and we will give them to Krzysztof's family.
> https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedysta:Halibutt/Ksi%C4%99ga

Sorry to hear about that.

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