I liked the interview (link below) of Cindy Cicalese by Yaron Koren. I
information about Enterprise MediaWiki and about government use of
MediaWiki that was new to me. Also, given Cindy's extensive experience
with MediaWiki, I'm glad that WMF hired her to be the product manager for
MediaWiki Core.

What's making you happy this week?

Pine <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine>

P.S. For those who are unfamiliar with the history of "What's making you
this week?", I believe that the concept of these threads in the Wikimedia
ecosystem started in the *Wikipedia Weekly* Facebook group, and the concept
was copied from there to Wikimedia-l. I'm being bold by expanding the
distribution of this thread to Wikitech-l, which I hope will be accepted by
Wikitech-l subscribers since there are often mentions of technical
developments in these threads. If someone feels strongly that these threads
shouldn't be shared on Wikitech-l, they're welcome to email me (on list or
list) or comment on my talk page. I feel that technical contributors are
welcome to comment in these threads about what is making them happy
this week, and I hope that WIkitech-l subscribers will generally like the

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Hi everyone,

I decided to start a podcast in which I interview developers and users from
the MediaWiki community - it's called "Between the Brackets". The first
episode was just published today - it's an interview with Cindy Cicalese,
who worked with MediaWiki for a long time at MITRE and is now the Product
Manager for the MediaWiki Platform at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Here it is:


I hope you like it!

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