The question is, does it need a successor?


On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 10:42 PM, Pine W <> wrote:

> For some time there have been periodic mentions of the idea of moving
> Wikimedia-l to Discourse. [0]
> I am considering establishing a Discourse installation myself and offering
> it to host Wikimedia-l or its successor, which in addition to potential
> usability improvements from Discourse would have the added benefit that it
> would not be hosted on a WMF server and therefore would be somewhat
> insulated from governance controversies at WMF such as we have experienced
> in the past and such as the one recently experienced by WMFR. However, I am
> concerned that I would be unable to provide sufficient legal protections
> for the privacy of the list and its members, so I have not initiated this
> project.
> I think that a good first order of business would be for someone to close
> the existing RfC on Meta. After that RfC is closed I think that we should
> have further discussions about how we might like to continue to adjust our
> communications on Wikimedia-l or its successor.
> I am currently limiting myself to approximately 15 posts per month until
> the RfC is closed.
> Pine
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