It is about an online video chat platform or social media that allows
people to make their own profile and they can make a video chat with anyone
else for educational purpose. First, people have to make a profile about
their abilities and upload their resume and choosing a price for a chat
with other people and other users can do the payments with a payment
service and start a video chat. It can be one-way or two-way and private or
public video chat and it’s suitable for freelancers. It may also have a
10-minute trial mode for the beginner or a preview for advanced users.

People can rate themselves, they can run classes on this platform and
somehow if they want to provide vital counseling like medical counseling
they have to approve first. In fact, there is two kind of users, first,
people who present materials, second, people who pay for these educational

One of the problems of searching on the internet to find an answer to your
question is sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the answer. I think
this online video chat might be the answer. it will design into several
categories how people easily access to right ones.
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