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> Greetings,
> There is a new feedback request up on Wikimedia Commons regarding
> Structured Data on Commons. The topic is a very important discussion:
> between wikitext-in-Mediawiki, Wikibase on Commons, and Wikibase on
> Wikidata, what file metadata gets store where?
> The discussion is here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/
> wiki/Commons:Structured_data/Get_involved/Feedback_requests/Ontology [0]
> It will formally run for two weeks, closing on 1 March. There will not be
> decisions made at that time, this is a part of the information-gathering
> process in order to make the informed decisions.
> Thank you for your time, see you on the wiki.
> 0. Plaintext link: < https://commons.wikimedia.org/
> wiki/Commons:Structured_data/Get_involved/Feedback_requests/Ontology >
> --
> Keegan Peterzell
> Technical Collaboration Specialist
> Wikimedia Foundation

A friendly reminder that this discussion about an important aspect of
Structured Data on Commons runs for one more week.

‚ÄčThe link one more time, for those whose email clients may have collapsed
the quoted text:

The ongoing discussion:

Thank you.

Keegan Peterzell
Technical Collaboration Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation
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