Hi all!

Wikimedia Norge just had its general assembly this Saturday. We have a
staggered board system, so half the board is elected one year, and the
other half the next year. The half that was up for election this year was
re-elected, with the addition of one new member. The board therefore
currently consists of the following newly (re)elected members for the
2018–2020 term:

* Hogne Neteland (User:Hogne, chair), re-elected
* Sigrun Espe (User:Sigrunespe), newly elected
* Andrea Hegdahl Tiltnes (User:AndreaHT, secretary), re-elected
* Tore Sætre (User:Tsaetre), re-elected

As well as the following members who were elected at last year's GA for the
2017–2019 term:
* Guro Faller (User:Fiolen, deputy chair)
* Harald Groven (User:H@r@ld)
* Trond Trosterud (User:Trondtr, treasurer)

And finally Jorid Martinsen (User:Jorid Martinsen (WMNO)) who is observer
to the board elected from and by us employees.

Thank you very much to the re-elected members for their continued
willingness to serve, and to the new member Sigrun for joining the board!

*Jon Harald Søby*
Prosjektleder / Prosjektleiar / Prošeaktajođiheaddji / Project Manager
Wikimedia Norge / Wikimedia Noreg / Wikimedia Norga

+47 977 67 510
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