One proposal is that we add data and text about Turkey and its Ottoman
Empire past. There is much information that is missing or needs expansion,
at that a hat tip to the Catalan Wikipedia.. They are really good in what
they report.

I will add data information in Wikidata. In the past I added information
for the Sultans, quite often about their wives and mothers (who were among
the power brokers at the time). There is much data to add; one of them are
the governors of the elayets. I would really welcome maps that show how the
Ottoman Empire changed over time.. The technology needed is something we
could also use of other countries.

Just to consider, the Ottoman empire has a similar relevance to many other
countries, arguably there is at least as much to say as there is for
Germany, France or Britain.

PS I will also add information depending on the time and my location.

On 5 March 2018 at 20:44, Zachary McCune <zmcc...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> For the last 10 months, several teams within the Wikimedia Foundation have
> been working with the local Turkish community to lift the block of
> Wikipedia in Turkey.
> Today, we have launched a social media campaign designed to help raise
> international awareness of the block and send a positive message to our
> friends in Turkey. We are asking individual volunteers, affiliates, and
> anyone else who would like to participate to join us in one of several
> ways. More details are below and on Meta-Wiki:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/
> wiki/Communications/WeMissTurkey
> The campaign, based around the hashtag #WeMissTurkey, is an opportunity for
> all of us to tell our friends in Turkey that we miss them and help inform
> the world what impact their absence is having.
> == An overview of the #WeMissTurkey campaign ==
> From March 5-12, we will be reminding the world about the Turkish block of
> Wikipedia. We will communicate primarily on Twitter and Facebook- networks
> where advocates for Wikipedia can increase the reach of messages about the
> block.
> On Twitter, we will share a series of tweets about Turkish culture,
> history, sports, etc. from @Wikipedia . We’ll also be sharing messages that
> express sadness for missing the perspectives of Turkish people on our
> projects, and our hopes that access to Wikipedia will be restored in
> Turkey.
> On Facebook, we have developed a "photo frame" users can add to their
> profile picture to show support for Wikipedia in Turkey.
> In addition to posting messages, we will also be sharing some posters from
> Turkish artists which help visualize the culture and knowledge we are
> missing. The posters will be released throughout the week and available for
> you to utilize. We invite you to develop posters or graphics of your own.
> We hope that affiliates and volunteers around the world will join us! You
> can get involved in a number of ways, including by creating, sharing, and
> retweeting messages, sharing our posters and creating your own, and more!
> More details on how to get involved are on the Meta-Wiki campaign page:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Communications/WeMissTurkey
> == On tone ==
> The messages for this campaign are being directed to the people of Turkey,
> and have a positive message and tone. We do not want to use this campaign
> to directly confront authorities in Turkey. We are asking that others
> managing Wikimedia social media accounts join us, and be respectful of the
> positive goal and message. This messaging approach for the campaign is part
> of a broader, ongoing strategy from the Wikimedia Foundation to lift the
> block of Wikipedia in Turkey.
> If you have any questions, let us know!
> Zack & the Comms team
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> Zachary McCune
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> Wikimedia Foundation
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