Hi Zubin,

> As a rare newcomer to the Wikimedia project, I've been thinking of some of
> the factors that seem to discourage me from contributing and one of the
> primary ones seem to be the fact that the way the administration is
> organized and rules enforced is often vague and unclear. The definition and
> the method of collection of the vague idea of "Consensus" aren't easily
> found and take a lot of digging to get out.

It's interesting you mention this. I was discussing Wikipedia the
other week with participants in another online learning community, and
it really struck me just how much of a focus Wikipedia has on very
dense rules about content, and how little a focus we have on community
and positive interactions.

There are an immense number of guidelines and policies, but discourse
on-wiki is often mainly a string of references to these policies and
guidelines - which is baffling for anyone unfamiliar with them, and
doubtless a big turnoff for anyone who *isn't* familiar with them who
wants to take part (even if you can navigate the technical aspects of
talking to people.) By contrast, praise, thanks and encouragement are
fairly scarce.



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