The Autoconfirmed article creation trial (also known as "ACTRIAL") has been
running on English Wikipedia for the last six months, starting in mid
September 2017. During the trial, article creation was limited to users
with autoconfirmed status, meaning they had made at least ten edits and the
account was at least four days old. Non-autoconfirmed users who tried to
create a new page were redirected to a landing page, which encouraged them
to create the page in the Draft namespace.

There's been a long-standing desire in the English Wikipedia community to
run ACTRIAL since 2011, and last year, the Wikimedia Foundation Community
Tech team worked on fulfilling this request.

The Community Tech team worked in partnership with community members from
English Wikipedia to set up ACTRIAL as a research project, measuring the
impact of the trial on three key areas: new editor activity and retention,
the quality control processes (particularly New Page Patrol and Articles
for Creation), and content quality.

Researcher Morten Warncke-Wang designed the study, collected and analysed
data, and has just published the ACTRIAL Post-trial Research Report on
English Wikipedia:

The report presents the key findings, and makes suggestions for both the
Enwiki community and the Wikimedia Foundation to consider. We hope that
this report is a productive contribution to the ongoing discussions about
new users and quality control.

We're looking forward to seeing what people think about the findings, and
having lots more conversations about these issues. Please feel free to
comment on the report's talk page, or ping us in the on-wiki conversations,
wherever they emerge. :) Thanks!
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