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> On 20 March 2018 at 15:03, Kirill Lokshin <kirill.loks...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Descriptions of user group activities on Meta shouldn't be interpreted as
> > legal documents under UK law (or any other legal code, for that matter).
> Hi Kirill,
> In the spirit of an open and transparent process, could you please
> provide a link to the scope of the new approved User Group is
> published, as the one on Meta is not the one that AffCom reviewed with
> the UG application?

The Affiliations Committee publishes all of our application review and
approval resolutions on Meta; the one for the group in question can be
found at

> > Any questions regarding potential legal implications for Wikimedia UK
> > should, of course, be directed to the chapter itself.
> This brush-off is surprising, with the clear implication that AffCom
> has not approached WMUK with any question. I was mistaken in believing
> that AffCom had a responsibility to consider obvious legal
> implications, before approving a User Group that is granted the right
> to use official logos and the name "Wikipedia" and its language
> variants when advertising their events. It is disappointing to see
> that AffCom does not see their official process as needing to address
> these areas, which may well be a barrier to direct funding, legal
> recognition or represent a risk to other named pre-existing Affiliates
> within the scope of the proposed new UG.

Your implication is entirely incorrect; AffCom consulted with -- and
received an endorsement from -- Wikimedia UK prior to approving the user
group.  However, we are neither experts in UK charity law nor empowered to
speak on behalf of Wikimedia UK; consequently, any questions regarding the
chapter's legal position should be posed to the chapter, not to us.

Kirill Lokshin
Chair, Affiliations Committee
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