At last month's metrics and activities meeting, the Wikimedia Foundation
Communications department gave an update on the logistics of the actual
meeting itself and put out a call for your feedback.[1] The department has
been working over the past year to help determine what the next evolution
of the meeting should be, and have taken steps to expand the meeting for an
audience beyond just people within the Foundation.

Thank you to everyone that has already emailed us with feedback! We will
continue to collect feedback over the coming months, and we have also
posted a Meta-Wiki page to collect feedback if you would prefer to post it

Based on the feedback we have already received, we have added some
additional pages on Meta-Wiki to help with communications around the
1. A page that outlines the basic process the Communications department
follows in planning the meeting.[3]
2. A page for you to request or suggest future meeting topics.[4]

The most common question I receive about this meeting is from people
interested in presenting, or with a suggestion for a highlight to mention.
So, I want to point out that the new future meetings page is now our
preferred location for making those suggestions and requests.[4] Keeping
them in that central on-wiki location will help us with tracking requests
and long-term planning.

Again, we appreciate all of the feedback, and hope that you will join us
for future meetings (or check out past recordings) as we continue to
experiment and make adjustments.






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