As we shared in October, Facebook has been testing a new feature that uses 
English Wikipedia content.[1] When users see news articles in their News Feed, 
the new feature provides more context about the article's source by pulling 
information about the publishers from English Wikipedia.[2]

The feature was initially made available to a limited number of users based in 
the United States as a part of their product testing. Today, Facebook will 
begin making this feature available to all of its users in the United States.

The Wikimedia Foundation first learned of the integration of Wikipedia content 
into Facebook’s Article Context feature ahead of its initial beta launch in 
October 2017. This new feature did not come from a partnership with the 
Wikimedia Foundation, though we were in contact with Facebook’s product and 
engineering teams ahead of this week’s launch.

During their test, Facebook was utilizing (and regularly updating) XML dumps to 
get the Wikipedia content. As a part of the full rollout of this feature, they 
will begin utilizing our API service - which provides them with more up-to-date 
content. According to Facebook, the results of their tests resulted in ~500 
views a day. We are confident that we will be able to handle the scaling up of 
this feature. However, we will remain in contact with Facebook should any 
performance tweaks become necessary.

We are always happy to see people, companies, and organizations recognize 
Wikipedia’s value as a repository of free knowledge. At the same time, we are 
encouraging companies who use Wikipedia’s content to give back in the spirit of 
sustainability. Hopefully, Facebook will feel compelled to do so given their 
increased recognition of the amazing free knowledge repository you all have 
built together.

In the meantime, we are going to be tracking the impact of this new feature on 
English Wikipedia. Including looking at how many people click on the link to 
Wikipedia and seeing which pages are getting the most traffic. We will continue 
to keep you updated on our conversations with Facebook and impact of this new 



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