That’s very unexpected. I actually have been trying to talk with WMF plenty
of times and waiting and waiting for a word from you. Though you probably
received lots of emails from me and others, I don’t think I have a single
email from you guys about this in my inbox

I have literally implored you to provide me and answer for a few cases
opened has been a while in order to have any instruction or advice on how
to act in many situations. But that never came.

This is probably the first time I hear from you, Kirill, and I respectfully
disagree that one can consider that you did well on it. You just let it all
happen and watched this escalate without any help. We were working on our
mistakes, we were building our code of conduct, accepted mediation with
Millos and others, but the feeling is that we were totally alone on that.
Sadly, your actions were always directed to both groups as if you were
avoiding to take any side or decision, like you are doing now, taking a
general action and not addressing any issue specifically.

I hope this change is for the best, but also hope that you can recognize
your own mistakes here as others from WMF did. Just like I don’t think we
did well every single moment and try to learn from it, you can’t really
believe that you did a good job here. If you do (and that is the impression
we have from your message), that is worrying. Then again, I hear from you,
after so much time of silence and what I hear is punishment. You can’t
probably think that you are being any educational on the matter. Sorry if
there is any harsh word above, but that is sincerely unintentional.

Have a good day.


Em dom, 8 de abr de 2018 às 16:32, Vi to <> escreveu:

> Sad outcome though fair, reasonable and expected.
> I hope some new group will arise from these ruins.
> Vito
> 2018-04-08 20:19 GMT+02:00 Kirill Lokshin <>:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > Recognition as a Wikimedia movement affiliate — a chapter, thematic
> > organization, or user group — is a privilege that allows an independent
> > group to officially use the Wikimedia trademarks to further the Wikimedia
> > mission. To receive and maintain their status as recognized Wikimedia
> > affiliates, groups are required to comply with certain requirements,
> which
> > are identified in each group's individual chapter, thematic organization,
> > or user group agreement.  In particular, the terms of the Wikimedia User
> > Group Agreement and Code of Conduct prohibit user groups from engaging in
> > activity that poses significant risk to other Wikimedia organizations or
> > Wikimedia projects.
> >
> > As many of you doubtlessly know, the two Wikimedia user groups based in
> > Brazil — Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil and Wiki Education Brazil
> —
> > have been engaged in a severe and protracted conflict, which has resulted
> > in significant harm to past, ongoing, and planned Wikimedia movement
> > activities in Brazil.  As all reasonable attempts to resolve the conflict
> > have failed, the Affiliations Committee is left with no choice but to
> > withdraw the groups' recognition as Wikimedia affiliates.
> >
> > Consequently, the recognition of Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil
> and
> > Wiki Education Brazil as Wikimedia user groups has been revoked, and the
> > Wikimedia Foundation's legal department has been requested to formally
> > terminate their respective user group agreements as soon as practicable.
> > Further, the specific individuals who served as the primary contacts for
> > these user groups will be prohibited from serving as primary contacts for
> > any user group application or existing user group for a period of one
> year.
> >
> > The Affiliations Committee recognizes that this is an unprecedented and
> > unfortunate development. However, we hope that this step will allow the
> > Wikimedia community in Brazil to work towards a new organizational
> > structure and model that will better serve the needs of movement
> > participants and stakeholders in the country.
> >
> > Any questions regarding this matter should be addressed directly to the
> > Affiliations Committee.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Kirill Lokshin
> > Chair, Affiliations Committee
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