sorry for the late reply to this thread.

On 17/03/2018 08:24, Liam Wyatt wrote:
> “we encourage you to consider tools which block unwanted third-party
> scripts like the one provided by Facebook.”
> - where can I go to learn more about that specifically?

Here's two browser add-ons (free software) with similar behavior. By
default these extensions disable *all* Javascript and then the user can
enable Javascript from trusted sourced.

It would not have helped much in this situation if one listed Twitter
and Facebook as trusted sources (which most probably is true for all
Twitter and Facebook users). In general these extensions protect you
from Javascript when visiting new websites.

For Firefox you can use NoScript:
* website: https://noscript.net/
* add-on page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/noscript/

For Chromium/Chrome you can use ScriptSafe:
* website: https://github.com/andryou/scriptsafe
* add-on page:

> Thank you Greg, for having the unenviable task of being the bearer of bad
> news, and to all those involved in this; you had with the talent to
> identify and remove this code, and the principles to tell us about it.

I wanted to commend as well how the incident has been reported. Thank
you, Greg.


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