This is an official letter from the Wikimedia Community User Group
Brasil (Grupo de Usuários da Comunidade Wikimedia no Brasil - GUWMBR)
concerning the decision of the Affiliations Committee to de-recognize
user groups from Brazil. 

The Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil brings together active
members of the Wikimedia Movement in Brazil. As of today, 34
Wikimedians have subscribed to the group on meta; they come from 13
cities in Brazil  [1]. 24 of the users who have subscribed to the group
have held adminship positions in Wikimedia projects in Portuguese and
in global projects. These Wikimedians have had appointments at the
Ombudsman commission, the Simple Annual Plan Grants Committee, the
Project Grants Committee and many other instances of the global
community. Many of our group members were featured on the Wikimedia
Blog in the past few years as examples of contributors in an emerging

The group was formed in 2013 as a means of leveraging the Brazilian
Wikimedia community, in the aftermath of the Catalyst Program in
Brazil. It was to some extent the continuity of previous efforts in the
community to organize a Brazilian Wikimedia affiliate. Since our
inception, we have sustained 51 programs, launching some of the largest
education programs and GLAM initiatives in the world. We have
established ongoing formal partnerships with seven universities and
research institutes, nine cultural institutions --including some of the
largest museums in Brazil and the Brazilian National Archives-- and
have a formal agreement with the Portuguese Chapter to establish a
lusophone wide education campaign. In Brazil, formal partnerships are
especially relevant as they are generally considered a requirement for
establishing programs with public or large institutions.

Outcomes and processes of our programs have been systematically
reported to the community [2]. Metrics are available on the Dashboard:
so far, these programs have brought to the projects 1,609 editors since
2014, who have contributed 8.65M words and 14.5K files to the projects

All this great activity has been achieved in a context of escalating
animosity in the Brazilian community. An assessment of this escalation,
from our perspective, would necessarily mean understanding more
thoroughly the structural impact the Catalyst Program has had in our
community and the systematic communication problems with the
Affiliations Committee, particularly in providing inputs when help and
advice were officially requested. Nevertheless, we also acknowledge
user group members from Brazil bear direct responsibility in the
process that has led to the Affiliations Committee's decision to
withdraw the recognition of these groups, that was globally
communicated on April 8.

The major responsibility we, the friends who have been involved in
creating and sustaining the Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil, bear
is to have failed to let go. Not all conflicts are worth the fight, as
the primary goal of all this we do is to have fun among friends and
peers and share knowledge.

We will take our new stand as an opportunity to improve the way we work
on our activities and within our community, both as individual editors
and as a collective of friends who strongly share a commitment for open
knowledge and this movement. We can only hope this will also be an
opportunity for other bodies in our movement, especially the
Affiliations Committee, to improve how we deal educationally with
situations like what has happened in Brazil. Our members are available
for being involved in this learning process --as emotionally hard as
this process might be.

We can only hope for the best in this context. We are committed
Wikimedians, who have worked tirelessly for Wikimedia projects. As we
said before, we hope we can learn from this situation and rebuild.

We take this opportunity to request a meeting with the Affiliations
Committee to discuss details of the de-recognition process.

Boas edições!

On behalf of the members of the Wikimedia Community User Group Brasil


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