Hello all,

During the past day on 14 April 2018, Wikimedia Belgium
<https://be.wikimedia.org> had its annual General Assembly.

One board member leaves (due time constraints):
* Loraine Furter  (Lfurter) - our board member dedicated to Gender and
Diversity aspects in Wikimedia projects

We thank her for all her work and valuable input in the past years!

Two board members come in:
* Lionel Scheepmans - long term Wikipedia and Wikiversity editor and
organiser of activities

* AnneJea - long term Wikipedia editor and organiser of activities

Welcome Lionel & AnneJea!

The rest of the board remains the same and the board continues the work and
development of our chapter.

We also have decided one the next steps to come to a solution for the
problems with one of the other organisations in the movement, which we hope
to be able to resolve together.

Kind regards,

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