Dear all,
on April 7th, Wikimedia Italia held its general assembly, where a new board
has been elected. It is composed as follows:
* Lorenzo Losa, President
* Valerio Perticone, Vice-president
* Carlo Benini, Secretary
* Saverio G. Malatesta, Treasurer
* Maurizio Napolitano

I wish to thank Federico Leva, Giuseppe Profiti and Paola Liliana
Buttiglione, who ended their term, for their invaluable work in the board.

The general assembly drew a very good participation, with 89 voting members
(the most participated general assembly in the last ten years!), and
unanimously approved the 2017 annual report (currently in Italian only; an
English version is planned).

A few highlights from the 2017 report:
* Two new WIRs have started working at the Ministry of Culture (ICAR and
ICBSA). Some portals of the central archives administration have already
adopted the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license as well as the public domain charter! For
more links see:
* We got more than 3.000 researchers to archive their articles in green
open access (in just two months!):
* OpenStreetMap activities are strengthening, reaching more than double the
people we expected.

From the structural point of view, since July 2017, after almost a year of
intense discussions with members and staff, we have started implementing
changes while going towards a reduced workload for the board. We have
mutually agreed to part ways with our former ED. Since then, three new
employees have started working with us: Giovanna Ranci, for the education
program; Marta Arosio, for GLAM partnerships; Teresa Scorza, for
administration and bookkeeping.

Looking forward, the 2018 budget and annual plan, written by 37 members and
employees together, is increasing the support for Wikimedia volunteers
(financially and otherwise), while reducing expenses for salaries and
administrative services.

Best regards,
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