This sounds very exciting.  Congrats all around, and three cheers for
supporting our external FOSS developer community!  :)

On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 7:35 PM, Victoria Coleman <>

> Hello everyone,
> to better serve the technical communities that build free and open source
> software for the movement as well as the communities who use Wikimedia's
> APIs to interact with our projects, the Wikimedia Foundation is making some
> structural changes. The Technical Engagement team is a new team in the
> Technology department of the Wikimedia Foundation reporting to the
> Foundation's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Victoria Coleman. This new
> team has two sub-teams: the Wikimedia Cloud Services team and the Technical
> Advocacy team. Bryan Davis will manage the Technical Engagement teams. He
> will also lead the hiring process for a new Developer Advocacy Manager
> position, which will take over some of the management duties.
> The Wikimedia Cloud Services team will continue to focus on maintaining
> the Wikimedia Cloud VPS infrastructure as a service
> <>
> platform, the Toolforge platform as a service
> <> project, and
> additional supporting technologies used in the Cloud Services environment
> such as the Wiki Replica databases and the hosting infrastructure for
> The existing team of Andrew Bogott, Arturo Borrero
> Gonzalez, Brooke Storm, and Chase Pettet will be joined by James Hare in
> the role of Product Manager. The team is also hiring for a fifth Operations
> Engineer and for a part-time technical support contractor.
> The Technical Advocacy team will focus on creating improved documentation
> for Wikimedia APIs and services as well as providing support for technical
> contributors and API consumers. The new team is being formed by moving the
> Foundation's Developer Relations team to the Technology department, with
> the exception of Rachel Farrand who will remain in Community Engagement in
> close collaboration with other event organizers. Andre Klapper and Srishti
> Sethi are both taking the role of Developer Advocate in the new team. A
> developer advocate is someone whose primary responsibility is to make it
> easy for developers to use a platform. Typically they do this by producing
> example software, tutorials, and other documentation explaining how to use
> the platform's products and services. Sarah R. Rodlund will also be joining
> the team as a Technical Writer. Technical writing has many subspecialties.
> Sarah will be focusing on improving our existing documentation by helping
> create a style guide and editing existing documentation to fit with that
> guide. She will also be supporting volunteers who are interested in
> practicing their technical writing skills on Wikimedia documentation. The
> team will be hiring for a Developer Advocacy Manager role in July. This new
> person will help round out the skills of the team and will take the lead in
> developing their programs.
> The Technical Engagement team will work with other teams inside the
> Wikimedia Foundation as well as groups at affiliate organizations and the
> larger Wikimedia volunteer community to provide technical outreach services
> and support. We hope to continue to grow the number of people involved in
> our programs until we can confidently say that we are providing the best
> help possible to the hundreds of volunteer developers, designers, technical
> writers, and end users of the Wikimedia movement's APIs and services. We
> will continue to be involved in existing programs to attract and support
> new technical contributors like the Wikimedia Hackathons, Outreachy, and
> Google Summer of Code. We also hope to find new ways to connect with new
> and existing technical contributors as we support the Wikimedia movement's
> 2030 strategic direction and the shared goals of knowledge as a service and
> knowledge equity.
> Very excited to be getting started down the path of strengthening our
> developer advocacy program!
> Best wishes,
> Victoria Coleman
> Chief Technology Officer
> Wikimedia Foundation
> 1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1600
> San Francisco, CA 94104
> +1-650-703-8112
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