Hello all,

The Wikimedia Foundation Anti-Harassment Tools team enlisted the assistance
of Alex Hollender, a User Experience designer at Wikimedia Foundation to
create wireframe designs of  Special:Block with the Granular block feature

Our first wireframes are based on the discussions on the Granular block
talk page, the Wishlist proposal, and in Phabricator to date.

Because the Special:Block page is already at its limits with its current
layout, we would like to propose a new organized layout for Special:Block.
This will make it easier to add the granular blocking (page, category,
namespace, etc) and whatever is to come in the future. All of the same
functionality is available on this new layout, but in a more organized,
step-by-step process.

Take a look at the wireframes and leave us your feedback on Meta.2

Please spread the word and forward this email to others (especially
administrators) who might be interested in helping re-design
Special:Block's layout.


For the Anti-Harassment Tools team,
Sydney Poore
Sydney Poore
Trust and Safety Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation
Trust and Safety team;
Anti-harassment tools team
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