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The EN community continues to discuss the possibility of posting a banner
targeted to those in Europe in an effort to raise awareness. Still a lot of
work to do and further community support required for this to move forwards.


On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 3:03 PM María Sefidari <>

> The Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates
> Wikipedia, the world’s largest online repository of free knowledge, believe
> that the European Union’s proposed copyright directive is a threat to
> essential human freedoms. If passed, it would limit free expression, and
> cause serious harm to collaboration and diversity online.
> Over the last few months, the Wikimedia Foundation has been watching
> developments around new proposed copyright laws in Europe very closely.
> On June 20, the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted to
> support proposed copyright laws that, if enacted, will significantly limit
> the openness of the internet, diminishing the ability of people around the
> globe to access knowledge, while stifling innovation and imposing what we
> believe will be unreasonable costs on new or smaller websites. We expressed
> our opposition to these proposals at the time, and the Wikimedia Foundation
> -- along with many in the Wikimedia movement—advocated against them. We now
> do so again as we approach July 5th, which will be another critical moment
> in the legislative process as the issue comes up for a vote once again.
> The Wikimedia Foundation and its projects exist to harness the power of a
> free and open web to make knowledge more accessible for everyone. Our
> mission to create a world where everyone can share in the sum of human
> knowledge requires a web in which all people can freely collaborate to
> create and access knowledge.
> This flawed EU copyright proposal contradicts that vision.
> Instead of truly modernizing copyright for Europe and promoting everyone's
> participation in information society, the proposal threatens freedom online
> and creates new obstacles to access by imposing new barriers, filters, and
> restrictions.
> We are committed to remaining a strong advocate and partner for enabling
> society’s ability to share and curate knowledge in free and open spaces.
> Now is the time to stand up for the free and open internet.
> Today we, as Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, *unanimously and
> strongly*, urge the European Parliament and Council *to oppose* the
> proposed directive in its current version and stand on the side of the
> people in Europe. Please read the Wikimedia Foundation's statement on EU
> copyright reform
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> and take action at <>.
> On behalf of the Board,
> María Sefidari
> Vice Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
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