Hi James,

Let me start with something positive to say before I discuss problems.

I think that there were some good intentions with this plan. Also, I think that 
some good things will happen this year, such as with Structured Data on Commons 
and with the Audience Department's Growth Team, regardless of the shortcomings 
with the WMF AP.

Unfortunately, good intentions don't fully compensate for poor design or 

A good place to start to see problems is here: 
 I am looking for project-based budgets, SMART goals, and detailed financial 
projections. I sampled three departmental APs: Communications, Audiences, and 
Talent and Culture.

I want to distinguish plans from promises. I don't expect that every SMART goal 
will be met, and I understand that plans and goals can change over time due to 
changes in available resources, new information, projects failing or succeeding 
beyond expectations, or other factors. An Annual Plan is not an Annual Promise. 
I also want to keep in mind that flexibility is valuable to take advantage of 
emergent opportunities, and that excessively detailed planning can be 
unnecessarily costly. 

But proceeding without SMART goals for T&C (is there a single SMART goal for 
them?), and with such limited financial detail for all three of the departments 
that I sampled, is disappointing. I am also disappointed by the lack of 
project-based budgeting.

Realistically, unless the WMF Board decides to get serious about making and 
publishing good annual plans, we are stuck.

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