Tom O'Hara,

I foresee several problems with your proposal.

a) The Wikimedia Foundation itself spent a very large amount of money
building something essentially the same which was rejected by the community
and abandoned.

b) Your proposal is for a proprietary software to be added to the core
Mediawiki software of Wikipedia. The Wikimedia Foundation is notorious for
never using third-party proprietary software.

c) The design is still in the stone age when compared to Bing/Google, so
would not necessarily compete well to attract the target demographic.

d) The search bar at already has images in a
kind of drop-down search suggestions function, this is nice, but has not
become very popular.

I would actually suggest you go down the route of offering it as an
extension on

Warm Regards

Jeremy Lee-Jenkins

On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 3:07 PM, Tomás O'Hara <> wrote:

> Hi, here's a link to a proposal I have for adding visual search to
> Wikipedia:
> <
> Proposed_by>
> (This was created with user ID: tomasohara
> <>.) I can move it into a
> better location if desired as it as not a "sister project" proper. The
> Proposals
> for new projects
> <> page doesn't
> offer suggestions for alternative postings, so I left it there for now.
> Below is a copy of the project overview. See the link above for details on
> how this can be applied to foreign language wikipedias. Note that most can
> be supported right "out of the box" except for the text categorization used
> to select images for documents without images. A Wikipedia-specific way to
> do this might be possible (e.g., based on the hierarchy of pages).
> Best,
> Tom
> ---------
> It would be good for Wikipedia to use a general-purpose visual search front
> end. Note that a big incentive for this is that users will be drawn to
> Wikipedia to use this type of search rather than Google Search or Bing.
> This would be beneficial because these search engines often show Wikipedia
> content for popular entities like sports stars or tourist attractions,
> which cuts down on Wikipedia traffic.
> You will be able to use the visual search frontend I developed without
> charge for the duration of my patent in the works (a la license free). Here
> is a link to an example with Wikipedia search on left and my Scrappy Search
> on right:
> -dog-breeds-en-wiki-site.png
> Two other examples illustrate some added benefits of this visual search
> with respect to Wikipedia. First, disambiguation becomes based on images
> and keywords rather than just snippets of text. See the following:
> ones-en-wiki-site.png
> In addition, links to other pages for the same entity become much more
> engaging:
> r-swift-en-wiki-site.png
> See for the stable version of the system and
> for the work-in-progress version. The
> latter has support for handheld devices and also better aesthetics (n.b.,
> version used in examples).
> I think this will be extremely popular with the Instagram crowd and younger
> users in general (e.g., younger than 30). To do similar Wikipedia-specific
> searches with the visual search front end, just add *
> <>* to the query*,* as in following example:
> Lionel Messi
> Scrappy Search uses the Google search API, so all of the search operators
> <> are supported.
> The patent for this visual search will be owned by my company ScrappyCito,
> LLC. If the company gets acquired, I will require that they honor the
> license-free usage of the visual search system by Wikimedia for Wikipedia.
> (They will likewise be required to pass along this license-free usage
> requirement if they in turn are acquired). You will have access to the
> current source code for use in Wikipedia and other approved projects.
> I am doing this both for exposure and because I want to help keep Wikipedia
> viable (e.g., by enabling higher traffic). This is a great way for users to
> browse the encyclopedia, so it can keep users on the Wikipedia domain
> longer.
> If this sounds interesting, I can develop a prototype for the Simple
> English Wikipedia for use on one of my servers. After review, I help with
> the deployment for the regular English Wikipedia on your servers once
> approved.
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