Hello Mathieu!  I agree that tracing the full history of a data cite is
important, independent of license.  I'm thinking about scalable solutions
for this.
It's definitely not the only factor in reliability; but it does matter who
entered the data (for instance) as one way to estimate the importance of
doublechecking a cited source to confirm that the data is found there.

On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 11:59 AM mathieu lovato stumpf guntz <
psychosl...@culture-libre.org> wrote:

> I agree this is misconception that a copyright license make any direct
> change to data reliability. But attribution requirement does somewhat
> indirectly have an impact on it, as it... enforces traceability.
> That is I strongly disagree with the following assertion: "a license
> that requires BY sucks so hard for data [because] attribution
> requirements grow very quickly". To my mind it is equivalent to say that
> we will throw away traceability because it is subjectively judged too
> large a burden, without providing any start of evidence that it indeed
> can't be managed, at least with Wikimedia current ressources.
> Now, I don't say traceability is the sole factor one should take into
> account in data reliability, but certainly it is one of them.
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