Mario Gómez wrote:
>There, is at least, one user that works for Go Fish Digital with a
>sockpuppet account in English Wikipedia and has denied conflict of
>interest or paid editing disclosure even if he was asked too, since some
>user was suspicious. Should I send this privately? I don't want to incur
>in spurious ousting/doxxing.

Just to be clear on my end, I don't have any firsthand knowledge of Go
Fish Digital's Wikipedia editing, I'm only aware of what the company
advertises as a service or product to customers on its Web site, which
appears to be directly incompatible with Wikimedia's values.

It appears someone at Go Fish Digital or related to them is ch[ao]mping at
the bit to be able to advertise its relationship with Wikipedia, according
to <>:

> [...]
> Our clients range from large corporations like GEICO, the New York Times
>and Marriott to startups you haven't heard of (yet). ((Hopefully you'll
>be able to add Wikipedia here shortly)).
> [...]


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