Although there will not be a WMF Metrics and Activities Meeting this month,
I'm wondering, would people be interested in having a "Wikimedia Community
Metrics and Activities Meeting"? People could present lightning talks about
their subjects of interest (one to five minutes long), and we could have
round-table discussion about subjects of interest (like the strategy
process), and have Q&A with any presenters. Presentations from individual
Wikimedians and from affiliates would be welcome.

I think that tomorrow may be too soon because people might want to prepare
some lightning talks, so maybe we could do this next week.

I'm going to do a minimal setup for the meeting because I have discovered
through painful experience that "Pine does everything and isn't paid for
any of it" is emotionally exhausting and financially unsustainable, so this
will be less structured (and probably a bit more spontaneous and perhaps
chaotic) than a WMF metrics meeting, but I think that it could be fun. :)

I've set up a Doodle poll, and I'll use the number of votes there as an
indication of how many people are interested and available. If people want
to meet again in future months then I'll think some more about scheduling
for future months and also about how to include the possibility of
presentations in diverse languages.

The Doodle poll is here: I set up
the times in UTC, so you may need to convert them to your local timezone.

Especially if a lot of people show up, there may be some chaos and missed
opportunities the first time around, but if there's a high level of
interest and people want to do this again then we can make modifications
for future meetings.

We'll probably use Zoom as our online meeting tool, and at least for the
first meeting it won't be recorded but I (or maybe someone else) will take
notes and post the notes on Meta.

I realize that this is a risky experiment, but I think that overall it
could be something that people like and find to be beneficial for making
international connections.


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