MZMcBride wrote:
>Gregory Varnum wrote:
>>After many months of work by over 100 individuals around the organization
>>and movement, the Wikimedia Foundation's new website soft launched this
>>You can check it out for yourself here (you may need to clear your
>>browser's cache):
>The English home page inexplicably has German text at the top. I'm
>super-confused how nobody has noticed or fixed this yet, given how
>prominent it is on the page. It's also now been there long enough that
>Google search results are including it. Woof.

Ah, I see now. This is just some cruel waste of staff and volunteer time:
<>. You ask for people to
point out issues, even providing a link to Phabricator Maniphest, and then
gaslight them by closing the tasks and telling them that the very obvious
bug is intentional.


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