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> It would be much appreciated if anyone can provide a link to an
> official statement given by the WMF that pixel tracking is used on its
> sites outside of fundraising banners, or its supplier's sites, and any
> example cases or reports of where it is happening.

I doubt pixel tracking is a useful term here, you should describe more
precisely what kind of tracking you are interested in.
For example, EventLogging (which is fairly well documented) used to use
tracking pixels, but that was replaced with the Beacon API when the browser
support was good enough, but from the perspective of a privacy-concerned
user that changed exactly nothing.
Are you interested in tracking done by third parties? Unique user tracking?
Those are the kinds of things that make important difference from a legal
point of view and are probably outlined in some policy. Tracking pixels are
just a technique that can be used for all kinds of things, and I doubt
anyone is keeping track of where it is used.
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