James, let's stay on topic, please. If you want to talk about other issues
then please start a new thread.

Victoria, I have mixed feelings about this statement.

I agree that we want to have civility in technical spaces, and a technical
code of conduct is one important way of working toward that goal. I also
agree that having ways to resolve disputes and deal with problematic
behavior is important.

On the other hand, I think several aspects of your statement are less than

* This situation is being discussed civilly in a single thread on
Wikitech-l, and I see no reason to start a new thread.

* You added Wikimedia-l to this discussion, and Wikimedia-l is outside of
the scope of the TCoC. I think that adding Wikimedia-l to the discussion is
an unnecessary escalation. Please refrain from unnecessary escalations.

* While the opinions of the WMF executives are somewhat influential, my
understanding is that WMF wants the Technical Code of Conduct and the
committee that enforces it to have political legitimacy in the community.
Involvement of the WMF C-levels works against that. I think that you should
let the participants in the discussion (which I feel is now generally tense
but constructive) work out this situation among themselves / ourselves
without the intervention of WMF executives. Although there are situations
in which the intervention of WMF executives would be helpful, I think that
this isn't one of them.

* The statement that you made comes across to me as endorsing the status
quo. I am not sure that this was your intent. I feel that adjustments to
policies and practices should be considered, partially based on the
constructive portions of the discussions that are happening on Wikitech-l.

I agree that the TCoC Committee has a difficult job when the try to do it
well, and I support the goal of having civility in technical spaces. I
think that it would be possible, and appropriate, to express support for
good-faith efforts of the Committee's members and those participating in
the discussion in Wikitech-l, and for the goals of the CoC, without
unnecessary escalation or intervention from WMF executives that may make a
difficult situation more challenging. Sometimes less involvement is the
better way to achieve one's goals.

Thank you for listening,

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