Dear all!

The UG Wikipedia & Education elected a week ago its first board [1], and it
is my honor to communicate members and roles of this board to the movement.
The electoral process was both smooth and engaging, and thanks for everyone
who got involved with it. Please join me extending the traditional
honorific "Hooray" to the newly elected board members :)

The aim of the UG Wikipedia & Education is officially "to enhance and scale
local and global educational efforts, advocate for education within the
Wikimedia movement, and elevate the narrative of education outside our
movement" [2]. The group was recognized on 27 June 2018.

The first board meeting, that decided on internal board affairs and roles,
was held yesterday; information on meetings and action calls will be shared
on the education list [3]. Stay tuned!

== Board ==

Shani Evenstein, chair

Susanna Mkrtchyan, vice-chair

Ananth Subray, secretary

Filip Maljković, membership admin

Krishna Chaitanya Velaga, treasurer

== References ==





Thanks all. Have a great week!

João Alexandre

reviewer of the 2018 electoral process
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