Great story from Yann, thanks for sharing.

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> Le 14 oct. 2018 à 23:23, Pine W <> a écrit :
> Recently I spent some time on Commons, and I came across two things that I
> especially appreciated.
> The first is a story on Yann's user page
> <>. While I think that
> experience with participating on public Wikimedia projects is an important
> qualification for many roles in the Wikimedia universe, this story reminds
> the reader to place edit count into a wider perspective.
> ---
> *A novice was once curious about the nature of the Edit Count. He
> approached the Zen master and asked, "Zen master, what is the nature of the
> Edit Count?""The Edit Count is as a road," replied the Zen master. "You
> must travel the road to reach your destination, and some may travel longer
> roads than others. But do not judge the person at your door by the length
> of the road he has travelled to reach you."*
> *And the novice was Enlightened.*
> *---*
> The second thing that I especially liked on Commons is this photo
> <>
> that was taken in Laos by Basile Morin. As you can guess, I generally like
> trees.
> On a different subject, Markus Kroetzsch wrote
> <>
> to the Wikidata list that he is "happy to report that we" (Stanislav
> Malyshev, Markus Krötzsch, Larry González, Julius Gonsior, and Adrian
> Bielefeldt) "have just won the Best Paper Award of the In-Use track of this
> year's International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), for our description of
> the SPARQL/RDF technology use on Wikidata. I keep telling people here that
> the general awesomeness of Wikidata is the work of many, and in particular
> of this great community of editors."
> In older news, some time ago I was told about this video on Commons
> <> by Trey
> Jones that provides an introduction to full-text search. I thought that
> presentation was very interesting.
> What's making you happy this week? You are welcome to write in any
> language.
> Pine
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