This mailing list is usually positive, but we need to talk about something rotten. I was linked to this Meta RfC by my Russian colleague:

The author and commentators, with notable evidence, allege that admins and editors on Croatian Wikipedia are biased in favour of far-right denialist talking points, especially in regards to World War II, and use their rights to continue this type of deal. From my further readings, the problems in Croatian Wikipedia exist for a long time with the same participating actors. This RfC exists for 2 years already without any signs of notice from the WMF or Meta stewards, all while nothing is changing and the local press is continuing to report about this (maybe authors should get American coverage to get any support, though). What exactly is the course of action on this and what has already been done in regards to this by Meta stewards or WMF?

Editors have tried to sound their alarms via different means:

Support of extremist viewpoints should be the most pressing issue for Wikimedians, as we must recognise that our articles have consequences, and unabashed defence of Nazis in Wikipedia in one of the official languages of the EU is a big deal. I personally had to organise with others before to remove genuine jihadist view points from being reported as facts in one of Wikipedias (successfully), in the last year I also had to report to one steward that admin in one Wikipedia was deleting all (seemingly not bad) content in regards to LGBT without any explanation (unsuccessfully).

Every time significant institutional bias towards non-neutral and harmful view points goes unnoticed, we poison our readers, especially students, and discourage other people from constructive contribution in our projects. Perhaps, on the larger point, it is good to talk about some kind of committee akin to CoCC that would safely enforce the founding principles of our projects, if these issues go unnoticed so much.

I hope that something will be done with this eventually.


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