Dear fellow Wikimedians,

At our general assembly in Berlin this weekend, the members of Wikimedia
Deutschland elected a new supervisory board.

The new board consists of seven members:
* Lukas Mezger (re-elected, new chair)
* Daniel Reisener (treasurer)
* Sabria David (re-elected)
* Kilian Kluge
* Peter Dewald (had previously been co-opted to the board)
* Marcus Cyron
* Harald Krichel (re-elected)

The board convened for its first meeting on Sunday and named Sabria David
and Harald Krichel as deputy chairs. Daniel Reisener, Kilian Kluge
(User:Cirdan), and Marcus Cyron are new to the board, so please join me in
welcoming them.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank our former board members Kurt Jansson,
Sebastian Moleski, Johanna Niesyto, and Gabriele Theren for the great work
and their commitment to Wikimedia Deutschland in the past years. I
especially want to extend my thanks to Tim Moritz Hector, who has chaired
the board for the past five years.

At the general assembly, we also decided to have only one instead of two
formal assemblies per year, and amended our rules concerning membership
fees. Additionally, the members approved the annual plan for 2019 as well
as our first multi-year strategy, and we had an open debate on how
Wikimedia Deutschland should interact with democratically-elected parties
that do not align with our strategic goals. Lena Stammler (re-elected),
Daniel Baur (re-elected), and Peter Neitzel were elected as auditors.

The board will re-convene in January to set goals for our 18-month term
(shortened because of the bylaws change) and I am very much looking forward
to working together with the new team.
Kind regards,



Dr. Lukas Mezger
Vorsitzender des Präsidiums / chair of the Supervisory Board

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