Dear Wikimedians,

At our seventh general assembly on November 24, the members of Wikimedia
Venezuela elected its new board, whose members are the following:

* Oscar Costero (re-elected)
* Ybsen Lucero (re-elected)
* Marianny Contreras
* Lourdes Herrera
* Samuel Cirilo

Ybsen and Samuel have been in previous boards, while Marianny and Lourdes
are new to our board, please join me in welcoming them. I also would like
to thank Kevin Dels, Jin Kadaba and Tomas Guardia for their work as now
former board members.

During our assembly we proposed a new set bylaws to tackle the current
outflow of volunteers and members that migrated the country in past years.
We decided to have a new volunteer role in communication with the board
that oversight our activities and engage with members, volunteers and
expats in wiki activities around the globe. Jin Kadaba (PerĂº) and Santiago
de Viana (Spain) were elected to this new post.

I am delighted to be able to work with these people in favor of the mission
and vision of our movement.

Kind regards,

Oscar Costero
Presidente | Wikimedia Venezuela
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