Hello again, everyone. Just a reminder that *Why the World Reads Wikipedia*,
this month's Research Showcase, will be livestreaming this Wednesday. More
info below.
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> Hello everyone,
> The next Research Showcase, *Why the World Reads Wikipedia*, will be
> live-streamed this Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at 11:30 AM PST/19:30 UTC.
> This presentation is about Wikipedia usage across languages.
> YouTube stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKMFvi_CCB0
> As usual, you can join the conversation on IRC at #wikimedia-research. You
> can also watch our past research showcases here:
> https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Research/Showcase
> This month's presentation:
> *Why the World Reads Wikipedia*
> By Florian Lemmerich, RWTH Aachen University; Diego Sáez-Trumper,
> Wikimedia Foundation; Robert West, EPFL; and Leila Zia, Wikimedia Foundation
> So far, little is known about why users across the world read Wikipedia's
> various language editions. To bridge this gap, we conducted a comparative
> study by combining a large-scale survey of Wikipedia readers across 14
> language editions with a log-based analysis of user activity. For analysis,
> we proceeded in three steps: First, we analyzed the survey results to
> compare the prevalence of Wikipedia use cases across languages, discovering
> commonalities, but also substantial differences, among Wikipedia languages
> with respect to their usage. Second, we matched survey responses to the
> respondents' traces in Wikipedia's server logs to characterize behavioral
> patterns associated with specific use cases, finding that distinctive
> patterns consistently mark certain use cases across language editions.
> Third, we could show that certain Wikipedia use cases are more common in
> countries with certain socio-economic characteristics; e.g., in-depth
> reading of Wikipedia articles is substantially more common in countries
> with a low Human Development Index. The outcomes of this study provide a
> deeper understanding of Wikipedia readership in a wide range of languages,
> which is important for Wikipedia editors, developers, and the reusers of
> Wikipedia content.
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