În dum., 30 dec. 2018 la 12:40, Zubin JAIN
<jain16...@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg> a scris:
> These are gross generalizations

That's exactly the point here! Maybe not everyone is like that, but
the pattern is supported by studies. The question is: how do we
support (or, how do we make Wikipedia relevant for) this category?

> The idea that Wikipedia needs to be dumbed down
Nobody proposed that.

> On Sun, 30 Dec 2018 at 17:21, Jane Darnell <jane...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > We need better upload interfaces for fixing spelling mistakes,
> > adding blue links, categories, media, and all other common tasks.

I had a conversation with Dan Garry in Cape Town about why categories
and navboxes are not shown on mobile and it seems they are not a
"thing" anymore (aka not used by the readers, which prefer navigating
through inline links). For the rest, I agree. What do you think of the
CitationHunt tool? Would it help if integrated in the normal workflow?

În dum., 30 dec. 2018 la 12:57, Anders Wennersten
<m...@anderswennersten.se> a scris:
> In my little duckpond (svwp) we have guidleines for the introduction
> part of the article.
> It should use (simple) language to enable 14-16 years old to understand
> it (while the rest can use more complicated vocabulary)

How very interesting! I've always thought that Wikipedia should be
accessible for people with middle studies (highschool) but I've been
accused of trying to "dumb down" Wikipedia. Thanks for the idea!

More generally, yes, the introduction is the obvious candidate for
what Yaroslav is proposing, the question is how do you put it to the
best use? Are popups (currently enabled for anonymous users) enough?
Movies and visuals are complicated for most people, would an audio
help? Text to speech is pretty good (and dead cheap) these days and I
know WMSE has done some work in this domain. Would an audio of the
introduction help? What about reading the whole article?

This is a major topic, we should probably try to extract 2-3 ideas
that can be pushed forward from it.


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