Sorry, I meant to say Amharic, not Armenian.

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On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 9:45 PM Pine W <> wrote:

> Hi,
> My opinion is that the block should be lifted. However, to the best of my
> knowledge, an appeal of a local block to the larger Wikiverse has never
> been successful. I am guessing that there are at least four factors here:
> 1. a lack of consensus for a process for appealing a local block to the
> larger community, or whether such a process is desirable, 2. a lack of
> skilled community human resources capacity to review such appeals (I would
> guess that reviewers of appeals would get flooded with hundreds of
> low-value appeals, that the job would be emotionally and intellectually
> difficult, and that the queue for reviews would be many months long), 3. a
> lack of confidence among people who are not proficient in a language to
> review a dispute that happened in that language, and 4. a lack of volunteer
> capacity and financial resources for highly accurate translations of
> appeals and their related content.
> Asking WMF to overturn a community block sets a precedent for them to
> substitute their judgement for the community's. There is a history of
> problems with WMF clashing with the community, and I have an ongoing
> objection to WMF's unilateral and opaque uses of global blocks. I would not
> want WMF to forcibly intervene in matters like this. Instead, What I
> recommend is diplomacy. The admin who made the block appears to have
> intermediate proficiency in English. I recommend first having a diplomatic
> discussion with that admin regarding the block. The admin could be
> persuaded to remove it. By "diplomatic discussion" I do not mean telling
> the admin bluntly that "you are wrong and I am right". An assumption of
> good faith, persuasion, and respect are likely to be valuable here. Try
> diplomacy first.
> If the admin remains unpersuaded to unblock the user then, to the best of
> my knowledge, the only routes of appeal available are on that wiki. I am
> unfamiliar with the specific situation in Armenian Wikipedia, but I suggest
> looking for a local policy for appealing blocks and looking for a username
> policy. Intermediate proficiency in Armenian is likely to be highly
> desirable, and likely necessary, for productive conversations on that wiki
> regarding a block appeal and/or proposing a change in local username policy.
> I realize that the concept of appealing a local block to the global
> community sounds like it is worth considering, but even if in principle
> there becomes a consensus that we should allow this, implementing such an
> option for appeals would likely be difficult and time consuming in
> practice, and without highly accurate translations which we do not appear
> to have sufficient volunteer or financial resources to support at this
> time, I think that the potential for mistakes due to misunderstandings is
> high.
> Pine
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