Dear colleagues,

This is a heads-up on the fact that on Jan.29 I will be speaking in Tatar (with 
simultaneous interpretation of my words into Russian) at the Republic of 
Tatarstan Ministry for ICT closing conference for 2018 in front of the 
President of the Republic, Russia's Federal minister for ICT, members of 
Tatarstan government, industry & the press, possibly some participants from 
nearby regional ministries.

I will have some 7-10 min to present on , rough English translation for the 
base page completed today.

It will be a basic intro level talk accompanied by slides about some  things 
that can be appropriately mentioned without overburdening the public hearing 
about Wiki-community activities for the first time in their lives. I will email 
you draft text around the end of the week (once I am comfortable with it), with 
some ideas on the slides I will play along my speech and a list of recommended 
follow-on measures.

Expected outcome: Presidential instruction to the Tatarstan government to for a 
cross-departmental working group to study what ICT ministry led Wikimedia 
working group (since August 2018) has came up with & look into possible way of 
integrating this into Tatarstan social life (I was offered to formulate it 
myself today).

Other related Wikimedia Russia news:

* On or around Feb.8, we are to have first follow-on introduction of Wikipedia 
Education Program to wider professors & students' body of Kazan Federal 
University Institute for International Relations, with director of which we had 
a productive meeting on Dec.21, following the events described in

* On Feb.28-March 1 we are invited to field speakers for (attended by Russia's Federal Minister for Education 
and her team)


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05.11.2018, 17:22, "Фархад Фаткуллин / Farkhad Fatkullin" <>:
> Dear colleagues,
> Below is my October activities report & description of upcoming events
> 1) On Oct.13-14 at 
> we presented some of the things we are doing in Russia (FYI: without any WMF 
> grants). See details at 
> 2) On Oct.20 I had a two hour long meeting with the Deputy head of Tatarstan 
> Presidential Adiministration responsible for internal policy 
>  who officially invited me to engage Wikimedia Russia and other Wikimedia 
> movement volunteers to develop "Smart wiki-region" roadmap for regional 
> authorities throughout the Russian Federation to start learning about the 
> Wikimedia movement and understanding how partnering therewith could be of 
> mutual interests. This was a follow up of the Oct.1 meeting with Mintimer 
> Shaimiev 
> but mainly around my last year's musings I finally finished translating into 
> English today @ 
> 3) On Oct.23 We have started growing the project on WMRU-wiki at 
>Умный_регион (currently in Russian only), using 
> also eponymous thread at [wikimedia-ru] mailing list (last message 
> ).
> 4) In mid-November we are expecting to have a presentation of the project and 
> our domestic experience at the 
> large meeting called on by the ex-President of Tatarstan, State Councillor to 
> the Republic, UNESCO Special envoy for Intercultural Dialogue Mintimer 
> Shaimiev - with invitation of
> * First Deputy Head of the Tatarstan Presidential Administration 
> (,
> * a large body of regional ministers
> ** Tatar community affairs
> ** Education and science
> ** ICT
> ** Culture
> ** Youth affairs
> * head of regional media holding
> * head of the Institute of Tatar encyclopedia 
> * head of the House of Friendship of Nations of Tatarstan 
> 5) Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with the Vice-Primier - Minister for 
> the ICT for preliminary 
> discussions, then my high-school senior Timerkhan 
>Кулланучы:Тимерхан will assist him the next day 
> at the preparatory meeting with 
> 6) I didn't yet have time to think in detail about the potential schedule or 
> invited participants of the first public Wiki-seminar in Tatarstan, meant to 
> expose locals to the Wikimedia movement and its best practices even if only 
> via the video-conference (which I mentioned in the previous update), because 
> I am doing this in between of my rather demanding work and some limited 
> family life. The topic will most likely surface among other things tomorrow.
> regards,
> farhad
> --
> Farkhad Fatkullin - Фархад Фаткуллин Тел.+79274158066 / 
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> 04.10.2018, 08:32, "Pine W" <>:
>>  Hi Farhad,
>>  I'm very impressed with your successes so far.
>>  My main concern is how much of this you seem to be doing by yourself. I
>>  hope that you have a group of people who are collaborating with you so that
>>  you don't feel responsible for doing everything personally, and that you
>>  aren't putting yourself into personal financial difficulty due to the
>>  amount of time that you're spending on Wikimedia activities.
>>  Regarding which people would be good to invite to a conference, I think
>>  that GLAM and educational organizations would be natural partners so I
>>  suggest starting with them.
>>  WMF might be willing to provide you with some advice and/or funding for
>>  GLAM or education related work if you request it, although the wait times
>>  for WMF "Rapid Grants" funding seem to have become lengthy, so I suggest
>>  that if you want funding from that program that you should request it at
>>  least two full months in advance and not rely on receiving it in time for
>>  any particular deadline.
>>  I'm glad to hear that you're participating in Wikimedia CEE and I hope that
>>  the affiliates in that group can provide you with good advice.
>>  Best wishes,
>>  Pine
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