UPDATE for #1Lib1Ref
What a first week! 3,341 edits from 21 languages. French is leading with
1,382 and user Mgquebec out front (265). 319 editors contributed so far and
76 are averaging one per day. Five languages are over 100 edits, and in
total we are 77% ahead of last year!

#1Lib1Ref has reached over 3 million users on Twitter 7.7 million times. 32
countries, from Nigeria to Malaysia to Colombia, are spreading the word.
Tell your friends: 1lib1ref.org

Zoom in on the top 5 languages for #1Lib1Ref: Hebrew, English, Catalan,
French, and Serbian. Kudos to the top editors in each of those languages:
Dovidroth, Ambrosia10, Txescu, Mgquebec and Ванилица. You're doing amazing

This year, whether you're a librarian or a library lover, an archivist,or a
museumist, or a student or researcher... you can make #1Lib1Ref your own.
Make an edit.  Hold an event with friends or colleagues.  Track your
impact.  Tell your story.

Jake Orlowitz
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