You probably all know that the Commons contest Wiki Loves Love (WLL) started 
since last friday. 

What you might not know yet is that we are now having a multilingual wikipedian 
contest running at the same time from February 10 to March 31st.

The idea is to generate wikipedian content on the same very theme : festivals, 
ceremonies, testimonies, gestures and other symbols of love, and if possible 
use the photos generated by Wiki Loves Love to illustrate content on Wikipedia, 
with a special focus on reducing the gender gap, as this idea stems from les 
sans pagEs who has been asked by Psychoslave to collaborate with WLL. We 
thought adding encyclopedic content would create a win win for everybody and 
bring visibility to what we are all doing. 

We have set up a multilingual and multi project page on meta with Rupika. 

To participate you have two options: subscribe individually, or via another 
project. Several projects have already joined and we hope we can have others 

Main page on Meta : 

Registration page (individuals AND projects most welcome) : 

We would gladly accept help to pimp up the page and add ideas on the working 
list as well….

Kind regards, 

Nattes à chat

With Wiki Love !

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