Hello, our fellow Wikifriends,

On 19 January 2019, Wikimedia Indonesia elected the new boards. The current
structure consists of 5 females and 4 males with various ethnicity
background (Javanese, Lampungnese, Bataknese, Mollucan, Achinese, etc) and
native languages (Indonesian, Javanese, Achinese, etc.). We are proud to
say that our background representing our country motto, Bhinneka Tunggal
Ika <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhinneka_Tunggal_Ika>(Unity in

*Board of Executive*

   - Biyanto Rebin, Chair, re-elected
   - Ivonne Kristiani, Deputy Chair,  re-elected
   - Rachmat Wahidi, Secretary-General,  re-elected
   - Hillun Vilayl Napis, Deputy Secretary General, new
   - Djohan Satria Hasibuan, Treasurer,  re-elected
   - Thirza Ria Vandari, Deputy Treasurer, new

*Board of Trustees*

   - Rinto Jiang,  re-elected
   - Fachria Y. Marasabessy, new
   - Fajarwati, new

We hope we can bring our best for Wikimedia movements in Indonesia.

Best regards,


Board of Executives

Biyanto Rebin is an active Wikimedian at the Indonesian Wikipedia since
2006 using “Beeyan” as his username. He graduated from Chinese Literature
at the University of Indonesia. In 2014, he was appointed as the Member of
Board of Executive in the position of Deputy General Secretary. In 2016, he
was elected as Wikimedia Indonesia Chairperson and re-elected in 2019. In
the spirit of open access, he supports the mission of free knowledge as it
is one of the important keys to open the widest channel of knowledge to the
wider community.

Ivonne Kristiani obtained her Master in Sociology and Political Philosophy
from Université Paris Diderot, France. She is now based in Jakarta and is
the Project Manager for Cipta Media Ekspresi arts & culture grant for
women, funded by Ford Foundation. She started editing in Indonesian
Wikipedia as “06Ivonne” when joining the Free Your Knowledge writing
competition in 2010.

Djohan Satria Hasibuan is the Treasurer of Wikimedia Indonesia and
graduated from Accounting Degree at the University of Persada Indonesia
Y.A.I who is currently domiciled in Jakarta. He joined the Wikimedia
Indonesia since 2012 as a financial supervisor on several projects, such as
Cipta Media Bersama, Cipta Media Seluler, and Cipta Media Ekspresi.

Thirza Ria Vandari has been a member of the Wikimedia Indonesia since 2017
and was graduated from Accounting Degree at the University of Indonesia.
With her expertise in finance, she is involved in several projects run by
Wikimedia Indonesia, such as the FAVANO Project, SAPG 2018, and APG 2018.
She sometimes voluntarily edits in Wikipedia under her username “Thirzaria”.

Rachmat Wahidi is an active Wikimedian at the Indonesian and the Acehnese
Wikipedia using “Rachmat04” as his username. He graduated from English
Language Education at Syiah Kuala University, and currently attending a
master degree at the same major. He joined Wikimedia Indonesia since 2012,
and was involved in the Content Digitization Project since 2014. In 2019,
Rachmat was appointed to the position of Secretary General of the Wikimedia

Hillun Vilayl Napis graduated from Communication at the University of
Indonesia. She started editing on Wikipedia under “Hillun Vilayl Napis” as
her username and joined the Free Your Knowledge writing competition in
2014. She joined Wikimedia Indonesia in 2015. Currently, she involves in
APG 2018 project as Competition Coordinator (photography and writing
contests). In 2019, she is appointed to serve as Deputy Secretary General
of Wikimedia Indonesia.

Board of Trustees

Rinto Jiang is a Wikimedian since 2004 and also one of the founders of
Wikimedia Indonesia who is currently domiciled in Taiwan. He graduated in
engineering at National Cheng Kung University. He is re-elected as one of
the Board of Trustees in 2019. His professional career is as an engineer in
a company. His main goal is to place Wikimedia Indonesia as a forum to
contribute to the advancement of free and equitable knowledge, especially
in Indonesia, in supporting the advancement of formal education.

Fachria Y. Marasabessy was a graduate of the Department of Education in
Jakarta State University and a Wikimedian since 2017. She joined Wikimedia
Indonesia in 2016 and interested in being actively involved in Wikimedia
Indonesia's activities. In 2019, she was trusted to serve as the Member of
Board of Trustees.

Fajarwati is a member of the Wikimedia Indonesia since 2016 and graduated
from Jakarta State Polytechnic in Accounting Degree and Bachelor of
Accounting at the University of Persada Indonesia Y.A.I. Before joining the
project Keterlibatan Masyarakat dalam Teknologi (KMT) and Peningkatan
Kinerja Teknologi Cipta Media (PKT) as an accountant in 2016–2017, she
worked in the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Indonesia in the same position.
She is currently working as a Project Assistant at the
Kemitraan-Partnership for Governance Reform. Having involved in many
projects and considerably contributed to Wikimedia Indonesia in providing
financial insight, she is elected as one of Member of Board of Trustees.

Biyanto Rebin | Ketua Umum (*Chair*) 2016-2018
Wikimedia Indonesia
Surel: biyanto.re...@wikimedia.or.id
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