Hey All

We have a new project called Video Wiki
<https://videowiki.wmflabs.org/en> which

   1. The easy creation of videos from scripts from Wikipedia and images /
   short video segments from Commons
   2. Scripts can have inline references and the text of the script with
   references end up in the captions of the video with references. These
   captions can be turned on and off
   3. At the end of the video it automatically adds
      1.  the license for the text (CC BY SA license)
      2. attribution of those who have edited the scripts
      3. all the metadata for the references supporting the scripts
   4. The final video version on Commons lists the files that the video is
   derived from
   5. Attribution for the images is automatically added at the bottom of
   each image

Have started a discussion here on Wikipedia and would appreciate peoples
thoughts. Will be drafting a formal RfC about the use of such videos


James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian
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