Dear fellow Wikimedians,

In the coming weeks, we will host community conversations[1] around the
Movement Strategy Process[2]. To follow up on Nicole’s earlier email[3], we
invite you to join in to gain a deeper look at the work done by the nine
working groups and to bring the perspective of your community or group to
the discussion.

After months of work and diverse discussions, the nine working groups of
the Movement Strategy Process have each published a scoping document for
their thematic area. These documents outline a set of key questions about
how our Movement needs to change going forward.

Now, the Movement Strategy Process will shift gears and focus on bringing
in input from communities and organized groups that will help answer these
questions. To get the ball rolling, we are hosting community conversations
across eight languages and in various formats and stages from now until the
end of May, when we will begin formulating our draft recommendations. The
scoping documents will soon also be published in several additional
languages so that volunteers from these language communities can review and
discuss under their own initiative. We invite you to take part and offer
insight and context from your community at this stage of broad inquiry.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:


   Join global conversations online: Share your thoughts directly on wiki.
   The scoping documents are available on the Meta page[4] and several
   language wikis. Details on how you can take part will be published on your
   community’s preferred channels.

   Initiate community discussions: Reach out to your communities on their
   frequently used channels (village pump, social media, messenger apps) to
   discuss the scoping documents’ relevance and impact. You can then feed the
   key items back to the language wikis or Meta.

   Take part in our forthcoming survey: 3 community-specific questions per
   Working Group/thematic area will be distributed in survey format. You can
   have your say by entering your answers directly into the form, which will
   be shared publicly in mid-April.

We‘d be delighted for you to take part. This is an opportunity for each
member of our community to help shape the bold ideas for how our Movement
could look in 2030. The more voices that join in, the better!

We look forward to chatting with you.

Best wishes,

Kelsi Stine-Rowe





Kelsi Stine-Rowe

Community Relations Specialist, Movement Strategy

Wikimedia Foundation <>

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