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> Hello all,
> I know there is a FOSS portal

Links/examples almost always help!
I'd guess you mean this page or the pages it links to:
but many other people won't know what you're referring to. Please include
links when talking about something specific!

but are there any portals for other Open *
> topics, such as Open Science (including citizen science), Open Access,


> ect.?

Maybe these (from a very quick search)
and dozens of other local, or smaller, or older pages such as

> The rationale behind is to have these portals as umbrella groups
> for resources and what's there in these big movement topics and have
> them in one place- which is Wikipedia. Would this idea be worth it for
> the other movements?

Yes, please do update / improve the documentation.

If it's a major topic and after searching you cannot find anything central,
then perhaps start out by creating a disambiguation / linkhub  for the
pages that you can find, and expand from there - that way you can try to
make sure you've found all the existing pages to begin with, and don't
start off by accidentally re-inventing the wheel (portal)! We have a lot of
historic link-lists / portals that are started and then abandoned and then
accidentally reinvented elsewhere a few years later.

Hope that helps.
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