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Hello all,

I know there is a FOSS portal

Links/examples almost always help!
I'd guess you mean this page or the pages it links to:
but many other people won't know what you're referring to. Please include
links when talking about something specific!

but are there any portals for other Open *
topics, such as Open Science (including citizen science), Open Access,



Maybe these (from a very quick search)
and dozens of other local, or smaller, or older pages such as

Looks like that I didn't do my homework before asking this question because I was really referring to the main Wikipedia not the metawiki and I didn't realize that this mailing-list for the metawiki- apologizes that for that!

The rationale behind is to have these portals as umbrella groups
for resources and what's there in these big movement topics and have
them in one place- which is Wikipedia. Would this idea be worth it for
the other movements?

Yes, please do update / improve the documentation.

If it's a major topic and after searching you cannot find anything central,
then perhaps start out by creating a disambiguation / linkhub  for the
pages that you can find, and expand from there - that way you can try to
make sure you've found all the existing pages to begin with, and don't
start off by accidentally re-inventing the wheel (portal)! We have a lot of
historic link-lists / portals that are started and then abandoned and then
accidentally reinvented elsewhere a few years later.

I will take on this advice and start working that on that. As a new contributor, I should take the advice of working on the low-hanging fruit rather than starting big.

Thank you again.

Svetlana Belkin

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