Hi all,

The Election Facilitators met on Friday, April 5. We finalized the
resolution, which is now frozen.[1] The Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia
Foundation will be asked to approve the resolution.

We have made two small changes to be more inclusive. We extended the date
for compliance with AffCom reporting and being in good standing to May 8 to
allow time for as many Affiliates as possible to be current with these
requirements. The Election Facilitators adjusted the language in case a
quorum is not met during the election.

On the talk page of the resolution one issue was raised. The issue looks
like to be about a possible candidate. Affiliates will have ample time to
discuss the merits of candidates during nomination time, screening time,
and they can cast their votes on candidates. The Election Facilitators
didn't see the necessity for this change, and left the resolution on this
point unchanged.

The Election Facilitators will be Abhinav Srivastava, Lane Rasberry,
Jeffrey Keefer, Ad Huikeshoven, Neal McBurnett and Alessandro Marchetti. We
will welcome more volunteers to assist us in this process, to reach out to
the diversity in language and gender in our communities, and do so in an
advisory role.

The nomination period opens op April 15. We are going to prepare nomination
pages on meta. You can expect a call for nominations. There is a draft
call, including a candidates' profile section with non-binding guidelines
about experience and characteristics for nominees.[2] You are welcome to
add your insights, or discuss on the talk page.

Erica Litrenta (WMF staff) supports us in this process. She will reach out
to all affiliates through mail and other channels to make sure we are up to
date with (user)name and contact details of your primary contact.

On behalf of the Election Facilitators,

Ad Huikeshoven

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