I prefer students to work directly on Wiki and not on the Dashboard, as they 
don't understand why they are in a completely different page that doesn't seem 
to be related to Wikipedia. But this is useful for some courses.
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> I'm interested in the IP limit issue.. could you explain how it works,
> please?
> Thanks
> Galder

If you are one of the facilitators for a program or course on Programs &
Events Dashboard, there will be a button to "Enable account requests" on
the home tab. Once you enable account requests, there are two ways to use
the feature.

A user who follows the enrollment link and is not logged in will have the
option to request an account by entering their email address and desired
username. (The Dashboard will verify that the username is available before
they can submit the request.) Then, the facilitator will be able to see a
message when they view the program page, saying that there is a requested
account waiting to be created. They can click to approve it — at which
point, the Dashboard will create the account (and MediaWiki will email them
the temporary password), and also add that user as an editor for that

A facilitator can also create a new account (and add it to the program)
directly, by entering an email and desired username on the Editors tab.
This is useful especially for in-person events like editathons, so that
those without accounts can get set up immediately upon arriving (rather
than needing to follow a link on their own computer).

How it works behind the scenes is that the facilitator or Dashboard admin
who clicks to create the account will attempt to do the account creation
action through OAuth with their own account (eg, ), but if they
cannot do so because of the IP limit, the account will be created by
User:OutreachDashboardBot instead:

The feature can also be enabled by default for an entire campaign.

We built the initial account creation feature for Art+Feminism 2018, but
this year, we added the OutreachDashboardBot fallback so event organizers
to request Account Creator rights (which is what most people running an Art
+ Feminism event did in 2018).

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