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Dear all,

*Wikimedia Chile* (WMCL) held its annual General Assembly on April 13th,
which was also the beginning of a new term of our Board (2019-2021). All
the members from the 2017-2019 Board were reelected for the next two years,
and the positions were filled as follows:

- Rocío Consales, Chair;
- Marco Correa: Vicechair;
- Carlos Figueroa, Secretary;
- Osmar Valdebenito, Treasurer;
- Dennis Tobar, Director:
- Claudio Loader, Director.

We are glad to have Rocío serving as the new president of WMCL, not just
for her amazing work as volunteer and Board Member, but also because she is
the first woman to hold this position in our chapter's history.
Congratulations, Rocío!

Best regards,

*Marco Correa Pérez*
Vicechair - Wikimedia Chile
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