Jennifer, I would like to comment on the search and requirement
criteria. In particular, I'd like to know whether the Foundation is
interested in reinforcing their privacy infrastructure, and whether
that is more or less important than being able to provide personally
identifiable information to the several researchers worldwide under
nondisclosure agreements. And whether some kind of a fuzzing middle
ground is interesting to the Foundation? I'd like to know whether the
Foundation wants to stay with PHP long term, or explore alternatives
before deciding whether they do. What is our technical strategy to
combat censorship in Turkey and China? Are we ever going to support
IPFS with more than just dumps? What is the status of the
Encrypted-SNI project and how many headcount do we think we need and
what kind of budget is there for it?

I'd like to know what kind of commitment the Foundation wants to open
source hardware, e.g. servers, or if we're just
going to stay with closed source proprietary technology forever? I'd
like to know what the technology goals are. Plenty of Foundation
technology projects look like they are close to wrapping up or have
already transitioned into support mode. Is the Community Wishlist the
sole source of new technology efforts? What is the future of the Tool
Labs? Are any of the tools that have fallen into disrepair (e.g.,
Categorder which sorts the WP:BACKLOG categories by pageviews on
enwiki) ever going to be fixed? Is Wikiversity going to get a Course
Management System? Is Wiktionary going to get a pronunciation tutor?

What is the Foundation looking for in a CTO to address these issues?
How are they looking for them? Is there a short list? Will the
community get a chance to comment on the candidates? Who is performing
the search? What criteria are they using? How much money is being
offered? Are we competitive with other top-ten website CTO
compensation? Is the Foundation still committed to paying competitive
SF-livable salaries for all employees? I would love to know any of
this far more than anything about branding.

Best regards,

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:55 PM Jennifer Pryor-Summers
<> wrote:
> Jim
> You ask that "the CTO search team please publish their search and
> requirement criteria" -- what would you, or the public at large, do with
> that information?
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